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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 13, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>will tran: i cannot grow bit like george you're not alone jackie was at the dumbarton bridge on hyatt on treasure island you should say nicosia little bit from given what it was when we arrived around 640 in the morning it is foggy here if you get to downtown san francisco is crystal clear who knows why such areas it
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to see the headlines and the visibility not all that great there is a postcard shot at every corner. >>george: has a very foggy here at the toll plaza you can see the fog is really mixed out although is on the stand we are dancing up at the faa's advisory still in effect for both this bridge and the san mateo bridge and the done button as and saw little earlier and was also very apparent is how bad the traffic is now with stop backed solidly the drive times less set what had been a 26 minute drive conditions at the getting
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worse here there is the san mateo bridge ride and because of the fog and incident that occurred out here west of the toll plaza would back a much earlier than usual for the westbound ride and 40 trip to the golden gate bridge where tracking small conditions here is already backing of the ride for the southbound trip well before i ran 92 and because we have the latest coming out of cupertino on 280 northbound norman trouble-free ride is backed up because of an incident that occurred with a car bought in the lane northbound at el monte and the los altos hills. >>mark: and jose police are still searching for suspects wanted for the course, affect self on video seven
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circulating satisfied in the crowd at nicosia saw such were fired while he was forming here at the fiesta nightclub hundreds of people were inside the time they're given the first listen to the 911 dispatcher calls for early monday morning. authorities said a black you come as she was seen speeding away from the shooting early sunday morning there or three people inside changing their clothes but no suspect description or arrest. >>darya: security of the club was not tight enough at the fiesta nightclub known for the venue is talk about
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what they did or did not do for security they said the club was warned in advance to step it up the party was and this is supposed to happen at the rock star the the id operators opted out of bed a week ago because the guest list was so different. stay with us as we learn the latest of a lament the lack of shooting not forget you can get the news anytime of the kron 4 mobile application is free to download >>mark: they're searching for suspects to saddam killed four young man in a shooting spree friday night last night more than a hundred people marched to the people the pace and the ministry the supervisors talk about the shooting stressed the importance of
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the committee comes together the sun was simply in the wrong class at the wrong time. the ownership over marled the king bibles and a nobel peace prize continuing and he made is soon as today about the finding among to children the congressmen under the five were comparing president to him in a tweed will tell you what he said. tech alive the outside at the bay bridge visibility near zero have our co now clearing out the fog dripping from the bay. in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting.
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>>george: on interstate 80 in the westbound direction we have been as in free but it is in very quietly building up and now the congestive from a half an hour's drive from hercules to berkeley happening today and >>darya: marginal to king jr. children will be and then as a court room in 1964
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nobel peace prize the sun said the items might be sold to insure the future of the king estate there are lots and safe deposit box still ahead were watching the weather >> james: will talk about where it might lead it will will replace it clear on this afternoon. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area.
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>> james: here is what looks like here on the visibility charred the fall this kind of move all around we have to the amount visibility and some parts of oakland asked just about 9 mi. visibility in hayward which is a huge improvement printable mild for the san jose and fog benson assault by the test as well in petaluma the fog is on the move we have the bay bridge approach not too long low now crystal clear the header across the bay here is the embarcadero and san francisco side of the bay bridge the fog the panel were your the panel brought the morning temperatures still in the low '40's the
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call cover above the fog is nonexistent we have high pressure to images of them by 11:00 pretty even makes the dutch may ride on that 69 and go where your home was when you have during the day or one to put that is one of the cold response to that everyone else 65 and open an enormous base of 60 to 65 degrees everyone in the low 60s is afternoon or more readily by letter on and with frieder socially more rwandas days of the week and in the cloud rolling in high-pressure backs of lebanon but will it backed off enough to allow some of the wet weather to are not to sit down and ask to give us a range of for two periods >> james: early in the weeks we thought perhaps as we close to its
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>>george: 280 northbound and with this many lanes blocked a remember when the sea its peak use the simpler is one or more lanes for 30 or more minutes but could be looking at significant and lasting the latest and we are still slow 4101 southbound with a bad start to the commune with the multi vehicle accident that
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occurred south on the bay shore hillsdale now there may be another accident at third that accident and san francisco does while versace the traffic in and out of the city between the candlestick causeway and the james lick freeway and tracking you're ride to the bridges tear the bay ridge with a huge backed up this morning the back of early into the macarthur maze with their son drive times over 30 minutes here and for you're ride to the san mateo bridge again to a very slow and very so the usual 2229 minutes and go where you get on highway 92 the golden gate bridge ride has been from free but is getting from here now with a southbound no. trip you're ride to the richmond bridge to lay free here on the approach is heavy at the toll plaza that started to back things of just a little bit from richmond park with. >>mark: stores were
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following in an unprecedented move today employees at his early the french newspaper publishing 3 million copies of the up coming to share this is a picture of the cover that reads to all forgive and the cover featuring the cartoon abetted man was attention and down his cheek is holding a sign with the word to clear them around the world and all 17 people three gunmen were killed and three days of bloodshed. the new video coming end of the burial for the four jewish victims in the paris air attacks the body's arriving in israel early this morning prime minister benjamin the with killed a hostage standoff at close to supermarkets and paris in french jews who wanted to emigrate to israel will be welcome. the white house now say they admit they made
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a mistake by not sending a high-ranking official >>darya: to the hughes demonstration that happened in france more than a million people marched to your team french diplomats tried to defuse the controversy. the president came to the french embassy they made very moving at the controversy is very sad. web fell to the support of the americans. >>darya: with the u.s. and france the white house said this was not on not time to figure out the logistics to have president obama participate in the march.
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they wrote the twi in reaction to president president obama you wrote even adolf hitler thought it was more important than president obama to get to paris for all the wrong reasons for hitler president obama cannot blow for the right reasons. hitler of of the appearance after germany invaded france >> reporter: a climate of date restored at all for you for the dairy climber for alcott a 10 now the two are ready to make a push for the top a spokeswoman says the third year of college to the partner after the third attempt and the falling
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along the second step of its fingers jorgensen and coldwell the poorest of the 3,000 ft. summit possibly in mid-air to the climbers are two weeks into what has been billed as the first decline of don wall the man only use rose four deadly fog was the best of luck. >>darya: the san francisco mayor running on my black market known as silk road prosecutors say more than a hundred thousand customers bought cocaine heroin and other drugs on the web server producing more than $1 billion in sales he denied reports that the operator of on-line under the alias dread epeiric a federal judge has also agreed to allow evidence of for murder for hire plots and that trial. >>mark: the 80 has a kaiser nurses and practitioners are getting ready to go on strike a to the cycle takes
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place the nurses said that kaiser is cut off for the services the walkout will affect all 86 kaiser permanente hospitals and clinics and northern and central california. still ahead the keystone pipeline bill is moving forward but it still could be be told where lawmakers are doing to make sure it passes as the attorney general expected to announce a new campaign spy out how she is going to run for and who should be up against. ♪♪ at kaiser permanente
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that hps bck sins ke is. for a althwhitsmilthatlast new lgattotalastg whe. >>mark: project advocates hope to get the 67 to overcome president bill of that build the pipeline assets more than 1,100 mi. from canada to texas and has raised a lot of environmental concerns stay as senate general >>darya: >>darya: is expected to make a run for the u.s. senate. >>darya: 74 year-old war is not going to run again the political analyst michael
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yap he was not surprised by this big announcement. >> reporter: is the one opportunity to run statewide twice in terms of. the potential challengers could be antonio and tom stare. >>darya: they expect new sum is one to run for california governor was governor jerry brown turn it over. >>mark: still ahead investigators tried to figure out who led a to a deadly shooting and sent to cisco his valley neighborhood a mother of the young uzbek and speaking about about her son when she said he was doing before the shooting that killed him. most mysterious this time
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>>reporter: will looking at the east bay shoreline the forecast looks for a high of around 62 degrees in berkeley and oakland. low sixties in the general east bay shoreline. we have relatively clear skies is afternoon. temperatures at the moment are on the cold side of the cool side still. i'll be back in 745 with a full forecast.
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>>: james were tracking a hot spot here in the state to 80 is normally a trouble-free ride. 280 there was a big rig accident the drop box three lanes. blocked 3 lanes.. south 101 southbound is backed up. the traffic is said and heading south on 101 in having a slow time making the transition to highway 92. third street here is jamming up the right in both directions northbound and southbound. is also affecting north 280. still solidly backed
7:33 am
up into the macarthur bank is were talking about 35 minutes' drive time. >>reporter: the golden gate bridge under the fault this morning the traffic is still moving pretty well. >>: talked about the deadly shooting in haazig neighborhood of four men were shot and killed. >>reporter: the mother of. he was working yet been behind us as the host. his mother does not know if he was up connected with the three men worked also killed.
7:34 am
>>: must us that he needed a ride so that he go in cash this check. belau the police said that he was not in the game. gang.. >>: he died was a nice pair/text a nice pair slacks of but not sure he did not die with his pants sagging he was a man. >>reporter: many boys want to escape the neighborhood try to avoid gang violence. his mother couldn't help but express outrage over son's death after
7:35 am
she worked so hard to protect them. the mother speaking saying it happened and hayes valley she thought would happen in her neighborhood not there. >>reporter: the other three victims have been identified. manuel neil wintu >>reporter: another source the were spotted as a dozen vehicles were shut down because of a shy side shall side show.. sideshows set down 880.
7:36 am
>>: we did take his ford mustang fit him down. that is a big hit to his wallet and mallory has to find out a way to get around. >>reporter: the chp says that they have identified some other people in the video and anticipate further arrests. >>: this one on the golden gate bridge with this car spending close to the people the people that were recording the video. this would happen in november in oakland. abc seven nails was over when hundreds of people were arrested police were able to block off hundred cars from leaving the port. and back in
7:37 am
2013 take a look at the side show. bichette and the interstate in the middle of the afternoon. police on the scene within minutes no one was arrested. >>reporter: we told you about the listeria and the apples this time is in small to salomon. we're told that people should not be certain the recall recover if you have the product your advice to throw away if you ate some use to call your doctor immediately. >>reporter: a couple walks down the aisle for the second time is a riddle that you have to figure i carry it and here's the
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project tracking the foggy conditions will be back in a moment
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hello a minnesota couple's ties the knot 20 years after first walking down i'll together when they were kids. then and now he could see their kids as a flower girl and a ring bearer walking down the aisle 20 years ago when they were just three years ago. they later reunited in high school and took their second walk down the aisle just as we and all as husband and wife. they say this and what down the aisle was more memorable than the first. they are happily married.
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>>reporter: still had on the kron 4 news ohio state beat oregon but it was a close call for one of the cheerleaders will show you the picture proven he carried here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. will be right back
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>>:reporter welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. in to take
7:45 am
a look at the visibility math piquancy oakland is mild biz ability. the cemetery of french is awfully foggy there. san mateo bridge is foggy... a scanning cameras to look at right now the san mateo bridge egan drive about a mile and you will get the fog and disappear from view. >>:reporter also sang this fog in san francisco. and here's a shot can you guess where this this this is our camera at best
7:46 am
half of all completely blank because of the fog. temperatures are still in the '40's and were slowly warming up. san francisco is now 50 degrees. this guys are going to be clear once the fault disappears. fog... the be widespread '60s around 2:00 p.m.. >>:reporter will expect some delays 63 in san jose. a very similar date so yesterday's and will slowly warm up as we go out the remainder of the week. the
7:47 am
cloud will roll in and the winds will pick up over the weekend and we have a slight chance for rain of saturday night into sunday. but it seems like day- by-day that chance is smaller. so we will hope for a sprinkle or two in the north bay area sunday. >>:reporter starting with the writer los altos interstate 28280 north a foothill is backed up into traffic into san jose always almost to highway 17. worse still gm for the mid peninsula with the southbound crash at hillsdale. and there's a southbound crash at third
7:48 am
street. stone valley road is backed up because of a crash in that area. >>:reporter a quick look at the bridges the bay bridge is still foggy. it looks good at the toll plaza except for the backup that is through the macarthur maze. fog is a big factor in the slow traffic here were talking about a 29 minute drive time. the fog is definitely getting much worse here in ran tiny. marin county.. is just sluggish from the richmond parkway on the house interstate 580.
7:49 am
>>:reporter with all high hills state beat the lights out of oregon did they really need to beat them in the ground like a dead. like they did... >>:reporter when you that close even at the 40 yd line of a 10 yd line. >>:reporter thing is they had a 15 point lead with 2 minutes the doll was gonna happen. >>:reporter when you're that close eye on have a problem with it. did someone complained since morning. at the end of the day
7:50 am
at ohio state and that urban meyer could have. they would of been thought in a little better terms if they did. >>:reporter6 a while players were running on the sale before the gang you do not want to get caught in a stampede of football players the of cheerleader almost got trampled. one of the male cheerleaders pretty much stayed after by holding her up. they're jumping all over her. on the radio you couldn't tell if you're listening. so >>:reporter once sent me a tweed last night tweet last
7:51 am
night... what us see that little girl under their in does remind me of when of the celebrate a basketball win and you see them all storm the floor. they've they have outlaw that stuff because it's too dangerous. >>:reporter bought a new art even to read it tweeted.. i don't have a series now so i was refereeing. >>:reporter deduce the law brought in james lebron... abroad as we'd have been lebron
7:52 am
is rehabbing.. >>:reporter when you're not playing your making millions of dollars you should not be there. and i am a bake law brought james bay and. lebron james fan....i am a big fan of lebron but he should not have been there.
7:53 am
>>:reporter the sow is always the more time with my family at the end of the day it did hurt anybody but i think it is just jump junk... >>:reporter as were talking about coaches was the latest john starks pipe sways with the broncosparts ways with broncos... sulked the 49ers are not gonna get shanahan. i'm think to myself is paid 10 water retire. patten manning going to
7:54 am
retire... >>:reporter patent has $19 million coming. there's a reason he played so poorly but that's 19 million is due next year. got czar the patent will keep working.
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>>:reporter: if you're getting ready to leave your home this morning there is a several places fog is dense. police said that they want a san jose nightclub to step up security before the gun before the guns were fired. good morning darya folsom: >>:reporter: even though the
8:01 am
incident is clears black now on the lanes of los altos. the damage has already been done to the south bay right. suspected on highway 280 and highway 885. it blocked lines in the northbound direction of 280 is backed up all the way to hide b- 17. we're talking about a 34 minute drive. 85 and also backed up all into the guadalupe pope part way. is pressure on 87 and highway 101. >>:reporter: meant salicylate is back stepped-up sfo. the james lick freeway is back ups into the city. an aircraft at stone
8:02 am
valley road on interstate 680 on the north side is also jammed up almost a san ramon. and the pact traffic is backed up until walnut creek. >>:reporter: spot is the big weather story this morning. fog ... it is foggy alba down to the golden gate bridge. it does depend on where you're are located. the same story for hay worked to hayward... is almost completely shrouded in fog. this
8:03 am
is the bay bridge camera at the toll plaza we have dense areas of fog in certain areas. here at the toll plaza is relatively clear. >>:reporter: in the embarcadero san francisco side of the bridge. morning fog mainly 40 degrees this morning. this afternoon will repay is to place it was sunny and mild weather and high as well end up in the low 60s. and over the weekend we have a very slight chance of rain. things are changing with the forecast and will keep you updated. darya folsom: 15 coverage of the fog. will teheran is that the
8:04 am
bay bridge right now looking at the conditions. >>:reporter: when a column to scan center for nothing less talk about the fog he concedes a lot better than an hour ago. the cars into looking at are now passing the approach in getting into the tunnel. the fog is molding you look off into the dense in the distance and clearly see all plan as a clear day but right now you can see you can barely make it out. visibility is not as good at that location in but if you're heading to san francisco what struck the bay bridge particularly at this location the fog had lifted and is a beautiful tuesday morning. >>:reporter: san jose police are still searching for suspects wanted in connection with a
8:05 am
crisp brown yvette's where five people were shocked. this is cellphone video that is been circulating of the incident. you can see and hear a shot being fired as brown was performing on stage at the fiesta and nightclub. hundreds of people were inside at the time. and kron 4 is getting the first listen to the 911 dispatch calls made early sunday sunday pirie >>: >>:reporter: authorities say a black you contest you've been was seen speeding away from the shooting sunday. there were people inside changing their clothes. but still no suspect description or rest.
8:06 am
darya folsom: police say that the venue was warned to advance to step up security. the party was initially supposed to happen at rock bar but the new operators opted out about a week ago because the gas list was so large. police are asking anyone who was there to show them their cell phone videos as they look for suspects. >>:reporter: this morning's san francisco police continued to search for suspects who killed four young men in a shooting spree friday night. at last night more than 100 people marched to the area where the shooting happened. at page and laguna streets in this city's hayes valley neighborhood.
8:07 am
police were there as well as making sure friends and family of the victims were safe. the group also held a vigil for the men killed. >>:reporter: knew this morning for the deadly crash in sonoma county. it happened around 6:15 p.m. last night on riverboat. just east of canyon to road. chp officers say a 52 year-old woman was driving a saturn sedan westbound. the 30 year-old from santa rosa was driving on mondesi rv eastbound approaching the saturn. for some reason the driver of the saturn cross in front of the honda. the vehicles hit at 01 and the driver of the saturn was killed. two vehicles be fight behind the saturn
8:08 am
swerve to avoid the crash another vehicle swerved to avoid two cars but crashed head- on into the sadder accidents are under investigation.
8:09 am
8:10 am
>>:reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news tracking a hot spot northbound to 80 with the accident. look at the damage that is done that backed up the
8:11 am
right through san jose from 280 all the way to the guadalupe parkway. and highway 85 were gonna be dealing with this for some time to come. >>:reporter: with eyes on wall straight wall street with huge gains. with the biggest flow of earnings over the next two weeks the dow is up 250 pulp points right now. darya folsom: harrises government run for u.s. senate she made the announcement today under website. she says she's looking forward to represent the people of canada as california and the u.s. senate. barbara boxer is not running again. her
8:12 am
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>>:reporter: we're still really jammed up on south bay freeways because of earlier our current problems serious 280 north of foothill that crash is not clear but it has backed up the traffic to guadalupe parkway. it put extra pressure on highway 101. we're talking about 40 minutes from downtown san jose. that should be about a 12th a 14 minute drive. about 42 minutes here from 85 that's about twice what the commute could take on a typical morning when things are not too badly back up. >>:reporter: it was an earlier accident at stone valley wrote
8:16 am
this call the backup on the south side of the freeway and is backed up and to san ramon dust lanes have been cleared. the bay bridge has been backed up and to the macarthur bridge them drive time is 25 minutes. the san mateo bridge has been an extremely slow ride. because of a fog advisory best currently in place. >>:reporter: would not seeing a typically heavy traffic at this hour that we would say. if you're headed into marin county the writer still backed up to the richmond parkway. >>:reporter: is all about the fault begun a mile and half of visibility in petaluma. fog...
8:17 am
if you had out towards the toll plaza of fault is really at the and fix. fog is really heavy and thick... >>:reporter: when you go of the bridge to foster city your run smack into a wall of fog. but the san francisco this is the embarcadero you can't make it out because of the dense fog. he of a 10th of a mile visibility we that average delays 07 minutes. we've got fire conditions in oakland the icon
8:18 am
is switching to read for san jose. but there's no time yet how long those delays will be. san jose is one of those places that are being hard hit by the dense fog. >>:reporter: there's no clouds above the fog so once the falk diminishes we will be just fine. we got a mix between '50s and '60s for the afternoon. we may be flirting with a 59 here or in the delta. the south bay the north bay and san francisco were averaging from 16 degrees to 65 degrees. 60 to 65... the cloud
8:19 am
will roll in as the high- pressure backs off. if it comes down south we might get a few sprinkles of this weekend but it this point it doesn't seem like work and get it we will keep you updated. for now will keep our fingers crossed darya folsom: authorities and bulgaria have arrested a french man that is linked to the two brothers behind the terror attacks and charlie have dealt. one had to warrants out for his arrest. and of several officers will be stationed edsel and jewish schools following this week's terrorism attacks in paris. some 10,000 troops are
8:20 am
being mobilized to help avoid other possible attacks. >>:reporter: and knew this morning burial for the four jewish victims of the paris terror attack their bodies arrived in israel earlier this morning. prime minister benjamin netanyahu and other public figures attended the ceremony. the four were killed in the hostage standoff on friday at this supermarket in paris. the son of one of the victims talk about his father's law for israel. >>:reporter: meantime netanyahu says any french jews who want to emigrate to israel will be welcome.
8:21 am
>>:reporter: the cover features my comment shedding a tear and holding a sign that reads jesuis charlie.. the cover is of a lot had lined with which translates into all is forgiven. the french satirical magazine surviving columnist says the cover is a call to forgive the terrorist who murdered her colleagues last week. a record 3 million copies have been printed in 16 different languages. a huge jump from their normal circulation of 60,000 copies. darya folsom: in making national news this morning at least one person is dead after a problem
8:22 am
with the subway system in washington d.c.. it filled with smoke in a station near downtown washington. and andrew spencer choses investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened >>:reporter: a passenger car recorded this video as small smoke started.. >>: the small cave from one of the tunnels were the train as stop molding. moving... >>:reporter: the national transportation safety board says the smoke is being created by electricity. >>: the train did not derail the was no fire on the train. laws
8:23 am
involving the third rail and the supplier says leads to the third rail. >>:reporter: emergency officials say hospitals treated 84 people. at least one of the passengers on the train died of her injuries. >>:reporter: and still had on the morning news will take you over drive over the golden gate bridge and update join the changes that were made over the weekend. you readyoh'm on t cookie air et. u ju... anthat's it. i prer rl food uit,uts,nd whole gins. grt grains ceal artsholeand stays processedlakelooknothing
8:24 am
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>>darya: this is the dunbarton bridge earlier it was foggy and now there's lots of sun. >> jackie sissel: here at
8:33 am
the dawn are some rich we saw a fall and rise in not only here but have the san mateo bridge. the fog is gone at least here as i looked out over the span maybe a little bit of fallout still in the span of most of the part is cleared up. >>darya: the second with james and see if there was to get clear. >> james: slowly but surely we are seeing some improvement here in the embarcadero shock when i selected the shot for this of after jackie i want to contrast his clear shot with my extremely faulty shot but in the last couple minister is starting to brighten up a little bit the fog is beginning to clear up to us longer will have to be about to make out the bridges and see one of the towers there started to come into view so yes the picture is improving for a lot of people it would improve as we head toward the afternoon hours even here at the san mateo bridge have fall oddly a basically from the front lines of the camera and began to back off this a little bit we hope that continues and the sun
8:34 am
really come out and start to warmus up a little bit >> james: and her some cities where the difference sister degrees in both san jose and the valley's 62 from milpitas to 62 to 63 degrees for lost battles and morgan hill. a little warmer and 64 in gilroy. it was still very springlike does little above normal for this week in january we should be in the off 56 to 59 degree range up into that adjutancy were going to be in that 61 maybe 65 degree range distance above average for the rest of the week when i come back at a 45 will have the four forecast will talk about how things go for it would change for us as to come into next weekend. >>darya: continuing coverage to the dell issue that happened san francisco has that never should or four men were killed kron 4 maureen kelly talks to the mother of the youngest victims. >> reporter: i raise some as a single mother been 90 year
8:35 am
old was killed on his lunch break that is fine actor and model was working have been the hottest restaurant and japan sound as a house she says she does not know is connected to the three of the man a key police say was a stolen car friend i was told by the sergeant he promised he would--called his friend get a ride he not have a clear record of police told her that he was not in a gang and not have a gun on him at the crime he was killed that showed he was caught up in this situation beyond his control. and indeed he did not die when dispensing in now he died with an eye spare slacks a but not sure asinine issues. he died a man with a pocketful of money that was one to check cash this check is said mom our help to pay the rent. >> reporter: this is his older sister who ran his mother had and kelsey says
8:36 am
that he wants to move away from the mother home in the bayview to escape game violence a lot rubble is a walking around with the field the shoulders now they are not able to do anything that tries to survive and the like to prove themselves or to buy association. his mother cannot express our is over her son's death after she tried so hard to protect them.. i thought it would happen here over in the map block feel more and half in hayes valley. >>mark: the driver of this red mustang senate bill is behind bars the view such as the video he was stopped in traffic or 880 will shutdown by more than a dozen vehicles in the middle of sunny afternoon for the sides of the bill did not help the sea its fee identify the driver of the car with the video of will concern of one of videos we
8:37 am
did take the ford mustang for 30 days which is a very expensive and found your paint a data storage the is was the initial sophie is a big hit to your wallets and a to find a way to get around were hoping that it really gets to you. >>mark: that identified at least two other participants in this video and they said they anticipate more arrests in the coming days. >>darya: disney paid for les ok is seven more cases of the measles its outbreak the believe that started at disneyland the new 26 people in four states 22 of the mes the case are in california the rest and you saw colin lawson to and most of the patients who visit disneyland are dizzy california inventor was on december 15th and december 20th disney officials say they're working with the polish authorities to out
8:38 am
the investigation. >>mark: police and a higher bill was to this football fans reacted to but at championship here the same early this morning they used teargas to disperse the this fusion. people called gridlock at the defense called near campus celebrating the universe is when in the first-ever national title game in college football playoff thousand fans tried to get into the high as a football stadium will please turn them away know where it is already there are no problems reported a university. suspects are still on the loose. >> gabe slate: and now through crisis groups are using social media to deliver threats to american soldiers
8:39 am
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8:41 am
>>george: 56 minutes nearly one hour from for the driver to 38 down to 237. >> reporter: here is what is turning also some media no trolly of the cover the crime of day with the use of a hiker and a drain slight
8:42 am
one lucky guy got to fly on a private jets but he twisted out these photos he is from brooklyn and he was the only passenger on a delta flight from cleveland to new york all those in the seats behind him he wanted the airport late after the plan had been delayed when he got there he learned that everyone else has a very blunt and already left tahiti on a flight eventually that will allow for most of it and the record for departure one more person came on and hardy got all the peanuts he wanted. >> james: tracking and improving picture here the fall beginning to pull back from san francisco were saying get and how long it lasted a minute.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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>> james: the embarcadero shall we have watched all morning long has been traffic installed for last out is called back and you convict of the fog bank and the two towers of the western stance of the picture is improving. now out of sfo things are a different story the love of the bill because in 74 minutes the latest in december to 740 the city allowed at the city in the way 46 in oakland and san jose we have 48 in san francisco and widespread low to mid-40s in the east bank is chilly in the north bay 30 degrees currently right now and santa rosa technical glove was the fault was back you to see nice blue skies were sunny conditions come lid on this afternoon to riches will still be on the cool side but will still owe a second clean city warm
8:47 am
right now we should be in the upper 50s and today were expected to see more of the lower 60s. >> james: weiss the '60s at 2:00. to terrell said the low 60s and the ease with 61 in san francisco and or 62% to five degrees in the north bay a little above average for this time of the year will receive to warm friend probably the ones that were to the couple degrees of warming between now and then some signs was a phil gramm because the road in by friday to saturday will have a slight chance of maybe a spark or two in the north bank it is like the models are beginning to back off live exactly, to get were keeping an eye on it will lead to the day-by-day how it is changing and evolving knowledge it over to track. >>george: this has been a rough ride the second day in a row we've experienced very slow traffic but looking at
8:48 am
numbers hot spots right now the east shore free ride 38 minutes hercules to berkeley's san ramon is running at about 32 minutes from walnut creek to get down to the dublin and to change the early recovery accident is still a big problem where onto backed up the map just a little bit and show you the ride was about 24 look at dessau looked out to surrender from walnut creek now back to of the rest of the 580 ride a new accident in greenville westbound after things have started to clear a for your trip leading into livermore and dublin 880 southbound the core commute essentially slow near the a one hour drive times down to milpitas. >>george: sophistry we forget about were looking for a minute drive times for one on one of mao and about the same getting out to cupertino for interstate 280 northbound which is now back to all the way to highway 101 the peninsula traffic jams begin today at 28101
8:49 am
backed up into san ramon. -- san bruno >>george: the bay bridge is still backed up into the maze over a 30 minute drive times still being able to hire two to four and 92 the san mateo bridge traffic still nearly at a standstill was bouncing the drive times are still close to 29 minutes and you're sure for the golden gate bridge very foggy this morning with heavy traffic not in the southbound direction and the ride into marin still back the pier at the toll plaza for the westbound richmond bridge which is the traffic a little slow a 580 west, as you come even before the recession and are quick to get out to the toll plaza cash >> gabe slate: good morning yes to that a group claiming to be affiliated
8:50 am
with isis had to sell some media account and threatened american soldiers the u.s. is to command the other nurse center this a pretty significant cyber attack the images were disturbing and scary the twister and you to profile or change featuring pro isis on the you to ices propaganda were uploaded depicting violence against american military on twitter the hacker started setting out weeks like this one say ices is already here we are in your pc's and ease military base in this was st. american soldiers we are coming watcher backed the various other one is the last out we know anything about to your wives and children they have regained control over to to play some of the ices concert had removed the ticket of line and return some this is more
8:51 am
like several vandalism there is no data bridge and other computers are more compromise to use commercial service for the social media pages the real important data is special% this servers that have not been touched. >>mark: dr. martin king jr. buyers might be so to insure the future she is again selling the items that are locked in a safe deposit box more than 1800 kaiser nurses and nurse practitioners and getting ready to go on strike. >>darya: ever should the presence of being amended
8:52 am
and discharge cases will still need treatment the walkout will affect all 86 kaiser hospitals and clinics in northern california and central california. >>mark: take a look at this a hong kong man heading for the mailman's sub alarms try to pass the the detectors because he was trying to smuggle nearly 100 apple phones there are strapped to his body larissa's this is because he appeared to be traveling like a walk when he was carried heavy load he was held for questioning. if you feel anxious if your phone not there by the studies suggest separation anxiety might be impacting your ability your receipt missouri researchers said that users with apple did better when their fault and not near them--were near them. their table of becoming is the to of themselves when you separate id you experienced lessening of self and a
8:53 am
negative be logical state. >>darya: a minnesota couple ties the knot 20 years after their first walk down the aisle how did that happen if they were three years old when they walk down the aisle in 1995 the first time on the left you say breaks investing there they are a flower girl and a ring they're 3 years old then they got together and high school and then eventually took their second walk down the aisle to become husband and wife they say the second walk of the one that counts because more memorable she says she remembers he does not. >>mark: tech alive the outside on this tuesday morning.
8:54 am
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>>darya: the bronco defense accord nader is getting a second interview with the raiders he is the first graders can it to get a second look at del rio could also be in line for another job with the broncos were he needs to work at rubble to the super bowl in the '90s now that john fox has led the broncos maybe he will go there there is an illicit mccandless' including thomas our model. >>mark: more on wall street
8:58 am
the dow with a big gain today over to on the point right now will have more on wall street with women's and losers weather and traffic the 2 minutes away.
8:59 am
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9:03 am
>>mark: the big red button this is out there to stay around the bay here in the sun. >>will tran: is quite mobile the sun feels agree on this one to one in the fog is still here if you're approaching the tunnel and the of never one eye and you should not have any problems. crystal clear that as far this location of was too often the this is if you're heading to the toll plaza and the sea fog is still there was to approach their in was zone and on the other side of course is oakland you are barely make out if you're coming into san francisco you should not have any problems we arrived here and all 630 in the morning we came from downtown san francisco and it was crystal clear. the
9:04 am
matter where you are here to be a great location or from location it seems like it is slowly but surely a lifting it to see the water as i look out to oakland. >> reporter: a live look at of the embarcadero side you conceive of the clouds and fog ride here that is the layer so we're still dealing with the fall for a good portion of the bay area were also sing a blue skies and sunshine here is a lot at the bay ridge is improving our by our and the sock is mixing out and making way for some sign for the afternoon here is a look at your east bay shore high for today will see a lot of low sixties for berkeley and 624 when sunny skies today in high of 65 that is what to feel nice it will be above average for you in the '60s for selling into hayward and fremont when i come back on we will talk about the rain chances for this weekend it is changing
9:05 am
on that will talk rockefeller later >>darya: sentences apply to say the search for suspects who killed four men on friday night--san francisco police. >>darya: the section of san francisco police were there to make sure that everything was safe they held a vigil for those men were killed earlier in the evening to ride for the london talk about the shooting is pressing the importance of come together as a community. we are here because our hearts are broken and it is important that we come together as a community. >>darya: he was speaking with the four victims just minutes before the shooting he is to be the leader of the biggest black president in america he chances life and said the man had no
9:06 am
idea what was about to happen. >>darya: he insists that the young men were not gang members. >>mark: san jose police are still searching for suspects wanted in connection with the kurds from even five people were shut this of the cell phone video of chris brown century out in the audience they set fire and this is happening as he was performing at the sea as a nightclub hundred of people in kron 4 getting the first listen to my one and dispatch made early sunday morning. chasseur in some of the glove--club in shot on the outside one female lead from the head in the restroom and a male with a gunshot wound
9:07 am
walk to the lake in the front. >>mark: a black youth, as tv was seen speeding away from the shooting there were people inside changing their close was still no suspect description or arrests. stay with us as we move on with this nightclub shooting you can get the latest news anytime anywhere with our kron 4 application is true down-- it's free download. >>darya: is accented cause another accident will explain how is it alive with here this is the san mateo bridge this one is covered by fog. will grayback
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>darya: changeovers sadder and some of the oncoming we learned there was another accident behind that to be a close and elsewhere to avoid the crash and a class there were not injured but another vehicle did collide head on into the satyr plays for looking into what caused that field driver who was killed to cross the federal mine anyway. >>mark: is officially running for the u.s. and she made the announcement for the web site this morning saying " i am excited to share with you i am watching my campaign in the u.s. senate " paris just won the
9:12 am
attorney general in november potential challengers could be former los angeles mayor antonio there bolsa and resource center cisco times there. >> reporter: are still some areas of fog this morning where temperatures are born to be above average today a lot of sixties across the board were the stuff on your forecast in an update on the weekend storm coming up when we continue after the break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>george: the hot spots the east bay in the south bay that he sure freeway still quite a slow ride from hercules to berkeley look at the ride from koppers out of the wall of great and then continuing into the san ramon valley traffic backed up all the way downtown to d'andrea is san ramon coming out of concord in the northbound ride is practically backed up the dublin interchange try to get up from interstate 580 on 6 a northbound and the west filled them up through the corridor commute to 38 down to 237 with the drive times still a force of 50 minutes west down 580 traffic still slow getting into livermore this morning and the south bay 852101280 this may be the worst commute i've never seen
9:16 am
getting out of downtown because it is backed up from 410116 a southbound out to pass highway 85 the drive times have been over 40 minutes just to get to cupertino and 85 is still solidly backed off from the guadalupe parkway and the almost involuntary if >>george: it was back to when an accident and loss also for our look of this mid peninsula 28101 still very heavy around highway 92 and traffic for the bridge ride is the bay bridge commit we're not getting much in the way of being improvement rust looking at over 30 minute drive times from macarthur maze. >>george: there is still extremely slow traffic here westbound traffic practically stopped at the toll plaza the golden gate bridge ride 101 southbound as ease in the last 15 minutes and you're ride into
9:17 am
moran v the richmond braves here's the westbound ride has been at the toll plaza of monologue backed up through richmond on interstate 580 west >> reporter: is so foggy out there and here is a live look at the golden gate bridge is definitely fall the across the bridge where does this say some foggy conditions including also sfo you could barely tell anything from the shot here we are looking at pretty dense fog that is impacting flights that are presence as a full this morning were we have delays now well over an hour because of the clouds and the ceilings that were experiencing the fall and started to clear some parts of the bay area where still looking for the conditions and the visibility down to half a mile and a quarter of a mile is pretty good in and of a mountain view down to 4 mi. san jose improving quite a bit but the viewer is
9:18 am
same as south san jose still pretty foggy in some spots to images right now san francisco 50 temperatures are born to be warming up this afternoon was the fog mixes out and more sinsyne high pressures and control of the bay area giving us the sunny skies for the afternoon. >> reporter: our temperatures by 11:00 today generally will be looking at '50s and '60s the to chilly in them by late this afternoon affecting widespread 50 stop the day in across the bay area here is how high will break down 63 in san jose a warmer spot for the oakland and 65 napa also getting mid-60's you're the kron 47 day around the bay for cash and the club will not get a lot of land around the area is best for the weekend were talking about the weekend storm it is backing up and trending dreyer for saturday and sunday primarily for the north bay and on pay looks
9:19 am
pretty nice. >>mark: the recent oil less than half a was during the summer of $45 a barrel on breakfast yet that's the question should will have ever been over the dollars a barrel. >> rob black: that is a very good question will never ever be a hundred dollars a barrel again because in the last in 15 years or so the world were saying it's too many suppliers, and not enough demand at this onetime all is said to be for a dollar range by the end of to the three months from now it is according to some research out of golden fax this is good like you said all a level 49 for the states is also bad. that's a reason the government taxes will get used to it and it
9:20 am
was the quebec up to $67 a barrel par with two years away release is the expectation is with the convict. >>mark: the gas tax is a flat rate in not percentage they have to raise its a has not arisen a long timenot >> rob black: yes the this is patent no. 893387 this will be a very minority report you build to swipe your hand up in the air to turn all your fall in your tv that's where is going to get interesting the tv and go even though microsoft has connected early calls samsung has hand gestures just some of the televisions but a lot of times we underestimate apple you know on the ilo was be a big success this is just a passing this is not
9:21 am
really mean anything there have both a hardware and able to take the move for that the past the levy in the state. the fast-food wars are hitting a breaking taken the lead. >>mark: is not a day to be a chicken. >> rob black: 10 against four a but 49 they did this for motion back in october the brothers sale during the quarter 3.3 percent mcdonnell's loss sales this is bad news for the industry a fast-food they only seem to get business for discounting if you want quality they're competing with each other and the rest of cutting the prices mean maybe a customer will not
9:22 am
come back but is interested to know is all about business >>mark: still axelrod will apple stopped again. >> rob black: maybe if they wanted the dow jones adust average of that down to 75 is for the easily double makes sense because because apple wants to let the world know we will be all much more conservative country because you're so big with all due submission is a dollar off on business for year down the road that was what again it does not help the company is so little confidence from management of the design of the company and to help you as a shareholder is a semi share
9:23 am
wedding was a company you or more shares it does not completely made much. people feel more important to have more shares this about the dollar amount. and you have a question >>mark: so sit on the fan page to answer it right page
9:24 am
9:25 am
my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
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♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. >>darya: has to one's offer
9:27 am
his arrest and is included one for to spreading in the criminal sara's organization meantime please of the united states and get back in paris to show their support for the victims and their loved ones. law- enforcement all over the world is grieving for the french and this is a problem for france is a problem for a global problem we need to come together and be strong of a we are today. here is more video of the officers from the united states as they are participating in today's memorial the white house continues as a criticism for not having had top u.s. officials at the march for unity with other world leaders on sunday >>mark: the burial of four jewish victims in the paris terror attack by is arriving in israel this morning from a minister benjamin and other public figures attended the ceremony before killed and how to stand off on friday at a kosher
9:28 am
supermarket in paris the son of one of the victims spoke about his father's love for israel. sorry we did not have that for you. >>darya: is an arrest has been made in the oakland side show we saw on the kron 4 morning news were born to look into what happened in other side shows that happen in the bay area and things got out of control last night as the ohio state beat oregon and the national football championship. college football also said in a live look at the golden gate bridge this is pretty cool you to see the sun side try to win the battle with the fall we will be right back. if
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>>mark: the pilot reporting that he is now regained control of the aircraft of 757 having some sort of problem they turn the flights around they're burning off your circle in a way as and is said to make an emergency landing shortly will have more information as soon as we get it. watching the fall in watching hot spots on the road less than of the. >>george: as we continue to monitor extremely heavy traffic around the bay area this is checking the center david there's been any approved and the only place where we've seen some was in marin but there is no accident there will talk about that in a moment a second look and see the shore freeway was bound is still pretty heavily backed up as is the ride on 680 heading south out of concord to 42 out of concord the san ramon valley is extremely backed up this morning that is because an early recovery accident northbound as don valley road and look it is
9:32 am
backed up nearly to dublin on 680 northbound the nimitz 583 oakland for the corridor this morning a 80 southbound also really jammed up only just now beginning to improve still no improvement for the southern freeware 101 of 44 minute drive times a to 23785 is a reversal stand still here and is 280 out of downtown san jose this commute which is even on a bad day is about 28 minutes is of the 40 minutes now try to get from 281 01 interchange out for cupertino after a similar bill is a second accident at magdalena and loss of those. at 280 south bronx still should the objective here for crystal springs reservoir to pass as was rolled almost a standstill in the southbound direction 101 still backed the from san bruno to redwood city
9:33 am
and tracking you're ride here at the bay bridge westbound is ended the maze over a 30 minute drive times to the san mateo bridge with this traffic still stopped here westbound 29 minute drive times. if >>george: if you copulate the traffic that slow and for the golden gate bridge ride it is still a little sluggish tear in the southbound direction getting from the south tower down to the toll plaza. from here will head over to the weather center and get a look at what is happening. >> reporter: alive the december sale you're missing all morning traffic a very moving just crawling this morning and we have the clout to conditions in the fall also pretty much impacting the sfo and also oakland the first talk about the south bay for cab were looking for sunny conditions until the judge will be in the 60 this afternoon visibility now is actually got worse in oakland where
9:34 am
we're now down to the core ma visibility right now is dense fog for the oakland also sfo we're saying delays on arriving flights more than our because of the fraud also san jose and fruit this a 10 mi. visibility is still for an ounce in view of my combat will talk about the look at the weekend and a lot of people may have monday off for the holiday is celebrating martin of the team that but was to how it can effect this the the letter. >>darya: 4 people were shot and killed in hayes valley. >> reporter: the mother of the 19 year old was killed on his lunch break. the aspiring actors and models what they have been the hamas restaurant and japan town as a host she does not know is connected to three
9:35 am
other men who were killed as this and will police say was a stolen car friday night. i was told by the sergeant that he called his friend to get a ride that he needed a ride because he needed to go passage check. for >> reporter: he did not have come a record of police told her that he was not in a game and did not have a gun on him at the time he was killed a total he was caught in a situation goes beyond his control. he did not die with his pants hanging down he died with a nice pair of slacks on a button of church and some nice shoes he died a man with a pocketful of money that was going to cast his check and said mom i will help to pay the rent. >> reporter: his older sister is wearing her brother had echoed said that he wants to move away from the mother's home in the bay view to escape gave violence. --gang violence either they are trying to survive and live a life and
9:36 am
improve themselves or their guilty by association. >> reporter: they cannot express how--she tried so hard to protect him. i thought it would happen here i thought it happened over and the mac to block it happen in hayes valley >>darya: the other three victims of the shooting have been identified there are two to one year old from san francisco 20 year-old from antioch and 22 year-old who want to give republics school and san francisco wasn't centigrade. >>mark: driver of this red mustang seen in the bill is now behind bars for this sideshow to kron 4 your sister video his stance on a 80 the freeway was said down the sides so that afternoon about a dozen vehicles there on sunday afternoon the video had aseity identified is driver 94 from hayward to
9:37 am
identify at least two other people from the video if people say that his pay more arrests in the coming days. sideshows of forcibly been common around the bay area >>mark: this is one of the golden gate bridge had his car spinning close to the people and this one happening in november in oakland this video from a helicopter partnership with abc seven knows where hundreds of people the car was set on fire place for a was a block for the moment the thought that into that a consensus has sown the from a 85th in the middle of the afternoon for no was unnecessary if >>darya: that had to use
9:38 am
tear gas to calm the crowd of some of this gathering in partying and somewhere in getting a little more destructive and they're celebrating the bay when at the university the fans cause the trouble you concede they burn the cashier and they're jumping up and down reporting the fire is interested in dumpsters but we do not have near rest or any one engine. >>darya: an officer in the east bay is injured during an emergency call with alan his first-ever television series.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
dioverrookde andiscer aexcing mbinion tass. ch, rk ccola veri sofcents. avor wit oticruituice it's cholatand uit avor likeou've ner expeencebefo. dioverrookde. >>george: tobacco which is still solid the the macarthur maze highway 24
9:42 am
is the back of the old children's hospital drive times over 30 minutes out of the maze into san francisco. you did track of the house by any time with the kron 4 mobile application as a free download at work on apple and android devices. >>darya: up a surplus of as a guide to crack a to the cars and modify all the of the laws on two of them are really happened at 1:00 yesterday it was driving with his licensor or on when the grass into another car- when all including the officer were hurt and the sea is still investigating. >>mark: will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>george: to have another hour left in the commune in the condition should be closer to an approaching nine instead of to the clock with the drive times on the easter for wake we're still looking at plus 26 minute drive time from hercules to berkeley. we're still sluggish all the data from a creek. the san ramon valley ride is the backed up this will increase getting into bird directions it in your town still jammed out of san leandro from to 38, down to
9:47 am
237. just beginning to see the first great war speeds are getting about 20 mi. per hour live from downtown san jose up toward cupertino lost out those that's like 85 distilled them all away from the alternately. >>george: 101 is still slow southbound from san ramon and at the bridges with the sea much better here at the bay bridge will what we seek is off look at that 880 approach the backed up beyond he's bumped lane that's why the giants times and still running well over 30 mess out of the macarthur maze the center several is ride is still obscured by the fault here. no delays in
9:48 am
getting into marin county come over from richmond to the west bouncer >> reporter: alive again as a folk were now having sunny skies a little bit of fallout here still impacted some flights. we're looking delays averaging about an hour or so it as a folk. -- sfo 44 in santa rosa is still chilly in parts of the north bay so sfo averaging and our because the delay times should be improving quite a bit visibility is not improving for oakland
9:49 am
less than a quarter of a mile this morning sfo is improving to 4 mi. and parts of south san francisco still looking a dense fog but should be mixing out of the next hour to make it pretty of some signs of high pressure should be in control sea temperatures above average in the next few days and then for the week in a slight chance for this hour primarily in the north may highs for today pretty nice 61 san francisco 62 1/2 on backed center is a look for high of 63 for the antioch very low 60s 55 oakland and also 65 are friends of the napa they're the crown for 7 day ever on the they forecast for the next few days to friday and the weekend with remise we have plans to the outdoors and enjoy the three weekend if you have monday off for more on the cane they a slight chance of showers mainly in the north bank will keep you posted as we get closer to that.
9:50 am
>>mark: out of los angeles axis' the airline it had landed safely after reporting a mechanical problem after takeoff for the flight from indianapolis and landed about 10 minutes ago and was all across they're still buy fire trucks and 2160 experienced a problem after a departure from lax the aircraft went to a holding pattern floor around lax to burn off fuel. a new poll finds lost americans support modify full throttle weather and not to care about eating them. 66 percent of americans are terrible regarding free benefactors the rent our that contain gm also full grown from seeds.
9:51 am
seven months and the democrats a to 4% republicans are labeling however 2012 california voters rejected the proposition to leaded label the cmos that fell just over 64 percent fell for it voted against the measure. >>darya: the coaching role roundels on adam gazed made the the front runner for the 40-coaching vacancy according to the the nfl network the niners are making the push for him he's also been interviewed by the bears and the raiders the broncos' offense ranked fourth in the league. meantime there's the broncos' defense accord natterjack the real was not getting a second look with the raiders did the first graders can get to get a second interview he could also be a line for another job with the broncos because john fox as part ways with the broncos the
9:52 am
raiders have been detained in the seventh and is included in turn had kotani soprano spur ronald >>mark: he scored 40 last week the war is a 29 and 5 they played you saw. and more reason to smile researchers would you're rested and annoyance that optimism may help keep your ticker and tiptop shape accords a new study people when of the attitude has inevitably been better cardiovascular health is 50 or age 45 to age or the most optimistic or 50 this 60 or 76 percent more likely now to help scored rated at intermediate or ideal aftermost also had a better blood sugar and our raw cholesterol level there a
9:53 am
more active had healthier bmi and less likely to smoke. optimism is the name of the game. >>darya: people are playing ping pong chrism on the list of directors getting into the streaming tv business we don't know who was being cast amazon said there were expected to the scare the prime is the video card and gave the attention a golden glow would not know what is about let me guess someone who is neurotic a strange looking guy who talks too much memory there but some say are dancing.
9:54 am
>>darya: coming a will keep our isle weather and traffic for you to round out the morning hopefully everything is calm down and the sun is coming out finally.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
>>george: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news as we continue to track major delays here far south bay hot spot where now looking at a nearly one hour drive time getting no. 1 interstate 280 out of downtown san jose out to cupertino and nearly that long for the 85 ride from the on mountain valley at the guadalupe parkway out toward mountain view. >>darya: thanks a lot will take a peek at the seven day around the bay forecast to get a peak of the sun because any way it looks pretty good and then it will have a chance to write a letter on the weekend >>mark: get your kron 4 application and are 2 and facebook page >>darya: have a great day and stay connected and our
9:58 am
global application dr. phil is coming up next.
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